Sunshine Cruz has new boyfriend, Cesar Montano says

Sunshine Cruz has a new boyfriend, alleged her ex-husband Cesar Montano who posted on Instagram they’re no longer getting back together.

Sunshine has new boyfriend
Cesar: Sunshine has new boyfriend (Screenshot: Instagram/cesar77montano)
In his reply to a follower’s question, the actor said: “Shine and I are just friends now. Sorry to disappoint you. We’re not getting back together po.”

Cesar in his now @cesar77montano private profile added: “Apparently she has a new boyfriend. You can ask her.”

Meanwhile, according to ABS-CBN News, the actress only replied with a sad emoticon after Twitter users asked her about the rumor.

She did not confirm nor deny her estranged husband’s revelation on the photo-sharing site. Instead, Sunshine preferred to keep mum, posting: “I’m speechless!”

In a status message Tuesday morning, the “Dugong Buhay” star said “Good vibes nalang.:) Magandang umaga sa lahat.”

Reports said the former couple, who separated due to a purported third-party in the person of starlet Krista Miller, has recently decided to become friends for the sake of their children.

What do you think is Cesar’s purpose for his controversial remark on Instagram? If true, what is the name...who is Sunshine’s new boyfriend?