Sodus boat crash on Lake Ontario: Teens thrown out of vessel

A Sodus boat crash that occured Wednesday on Lake Ontario caused three people to be thrown out of a vessel operated by a drunk driver.

Boat towed at Sodus Bay
Boat towed at Sodus Bay (Facebook)
According to a July 5 report of the Henrietta Post, authorities identified the driver as 19-year-old Tyler Ocweija.

The teenager was driving the boat north of Sodus Bay almost midnight of July 3 when he crashed the seacraft into a concrete breakwall at the east entrance, the report said.

His passengers—Michael Dodge and Nicholas Pizicuto, both 19, as well as Liam Wheatley, 18—were thrown over the breakwall. The latter was reportedly rushed to the hospital due to an ankle injury.

Ocweija was allegedly driving the boat at more than 5 miles per hour within 100 feet from shoreline. He was charged with boating while intoxicated, refusal to submit to a preliminary breath test, and reckless endangerment and operation of a vessel, the report said.

The teenager was released and will return to court at a later date to face the charges relative to the Sodus boat crash.