Robin Padilla accepts gay brother, calls Bb Gandanghari 'sister'

Robin Padilla has finally accepted his brother, Rustom, as a gay. In a post on Instagram, the action star referred to Bb Gandanghari as his “sister.”

Robin Padilla son Ali plays with Bb Gandanghari in hospital Instagram photo
Robin Padilla's son Ali plays with Bb Gandanghari in hospital (Instagram)
“My son Ali showing his boxing moves to my sister bb gandanghari who used to be my brother Rustom who beats me up when we were young,” Robin said, describing a viral photo of his son playing with Bb, who was admitted in the hospital due to “a very serious infection.”

“She is so weak because of a very serious infection but her right cross is still as fast as before. My son was surprised and amazed,” he posted on the image-sharing site.

ABS-CBN News reports that in previous interviews, Bb said he feels rejected that some of his siblings, including Robin, are having a hard time accepting that Rustom is already “dead.”

“‘Yung acceptance (‘yung pinakamasakit) kasi we are social people, we need to be accepted. It’s a need so when you feel rejected, masakit. Tapos pamilya mo, so para kang sinasaksak ng paulit-ulit and yet kailangan mo pa rin maintindihan. Otherwise, it’s very devastating,” Bb said in the past.

Robin Padilla, on the other hand, reportedly said he loves Bb no matter what and that he will forever be his brother even if he decides to become a woman. The actor added that he can always set his principles aside for family.

Indeed, blood is thicker than water.