Gov't hires more than 56,000 new teachers

The Aquino government has hired more than 56,085 new teachers, which represents 91 percent of the total 61,510 unfilled teaching positions.

DepEd Teachers
DepEd Teachers
The Department of Education claims they’re close to filling up the remaining teacher items created this year after streamlining the process of hiring.

DepEd says 5,425 new teachers are being processed for appointment. Of the new hires, 11,022 or 20 percent previously volunteered or hired by local school boards.

“Before the new system, it took some 8-9 months, even up to a year, for appointments to get processed,” said Jesus Mateo, Assistant Secretary of Education for Planning. “Now some appointments have been processed in just three months.”

Mateo noted that some of those awaiting appointment may already have worked on a contractual basis.

“While waiting for their papers, they may be asked to start work already,” he added. “If, for some reason, their appointments are denied, they will still be paid for the work rendered.”

Responding to queries about why it took quiet a while for DepEd to fill up new items, Mateo points out that there has to be balance between speed of hiring and thorough assessment of qualifications.

“We have to remember these are permanent positions, we can’t just give them away,” Mateo said. “Whether fresh graduates or veteran contractual, what’s important is we hire the most qualified teachers for our schools.”