Coleen Garcia, third party behind Billy - Nikki break up?

Rumors that Coleen Garcia is the third party behind the break up of Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil are spreading on social networking sites recently.

Coleen and Billy, based on speculations, apparently got developed while co-hosting ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show “It’s Showtime.”

A Twitter user with the handle of Tyke alleged that Coleen is flirting with Billy and their relationship is an “open secret” among co-hosts and staff of the show.

Coleen Garcia - Billy Crawford alleged relationship

“The truth would come out eventually. Coleen Garcia is flirting Billy Crawford. A lot of people on ABS-CBN knew that they are in a relationship, but unfortunately, no one wants to inform Nikki Gil,” Tyke tweeted.

Coleen has not spoken about the issue. Billy, on the other hand, asked everyone not to blame Nikki, his girlfriend for almost five years, for the abrupt split that shocked showbizlandia. Does it mean he is the one to blame?

In an Instagram rant, the singer and television host called his bashers “narrow minded people” and challenged them to confront him personally.

Billy Crawford Instagram rant