Claudine holds birthday party for daughter, Raymart a no-show

Claudine Barretto held a birthday party for her daughter in Quezon City over the weekend. Her husband, Raymart Santiago, was a no-show.

Claudine Barretto Raymart Santiago
Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago (Photo: ABS-CBN News)
According to ABS-CBN News, the 33-year-old actress threw a belated celebration of Sabina’s birthday on Saturday, two weeks after her adopted daughter turned 9 years old last June 21.

Some of the ideas for the themed party were Sabina’s, revealed Claudine, who is set to make a showbiz comeback soon.

Her husband was noticeably absent at the venue, the report said. In late April, Claudine’s mother reportedly admitted in an interview that Raymart no longer lives with the actress.

No one knows the real reason why he snubbed the party for their child.

Claudine Barretto said she didn’t know the actor’s whereabouts, but claimed she had informed him and other members of his family about the occasion, the report stated.