BB Gandanghari on real cause of hospital confinement: It was UTI, not HIV

Filipina transsexual actress and commercial model BB Gandanghari finally revealed Sunday the real cause of her recent hospital confinement.

Bb Gandanghari hospitalized
Bb Gandanghari admitted to hospital (Robin Padilla/Instagram)
In early July, it was reported that Gandanghari was admitted to the hospital due to an unknown reason. Her brother, action star Robin Padilla, revealed in an Instagram post that Gandanghari was “so weak because of a very serious infection.”

From that point forward, rumors that she got ill due to an HIV infection circulated online.

In a live interview with Boy Abunda on “The Buzz” on Sunday, July 14, Gandanghari clarified that she suffered from a urinary tract infection (UTI), the suspected root cause of which was dehydration.

The model actress revealed she barely eats meal at the time and was overfatigued for overly performing various exercise routines to maintain her figure.

BB Gandanghari also refuted speculations that she has HIV, a slowly replicating retrovirus that causes AIDS.