Court finds Baron Geisler guilty of acts of lasciviousness vs Patricia Martinez

The Makati Trial Court found Baron Geisler guilty of acts of lasciviousness he committed against Patricia Martinez, daughter of William Martinez and Yayo Aguila.

Baron Geisler guilty
Baron Geisler (Photo courtesy of Regal Films)
Patricia filed the case in 2008. She alleged that the character actor, who got drunk at a Makati bar when the incident happened, touched her breasts and asked her for sex.

Yahoo! News Philippines reports that Baron had filed a countersuit for unjust vexation.

Baron received a sentence of six months minimum up to two years maximum jail time. Members of media tried to reach the actor for comment, but his legal counsel reportedly told him to refrain from making statements.

In an interview, Atty. Carlo Alentajan reportedly said they will appeal the ruling of the lower court.

“There is no final decision yet. Under the law, Baron is still presumed innocent,” the lawyer said in an official statement.