Tsunami survival capsule unveiled

A tsunami survival capsule was unveiled two years after its designers, Julian Sharpe and Scott Hill, witnessed the damage caused by the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Tsunami Survival Capsule
Tsunami Survival Capsule (Photo credit: Herald.net)
According to Herald.net, the two-seater tsunami survival capsule called SC2001 is a sphere of a tubular aluminum that can bounce off solid objects such as buildings or vehicles. It is highly resistant to impacts from debris, can dissipate heat quickly, and won’t rust.

The SC2001 capsule, which is counterweighted to keep the sphere upright, can provide shelter to 2 people. It can store drinking water and air tanks below the sitting area as well as food supplies good for 2 to 3 weeks.

The cost? Well, people in tsunami-prone areas surely would not mind paying $12,000 for an equipment that can save lives.

Sharpe reportedly said they’re planning to build larger versions that can accomodate four, six, eight and 10 people. He said 10 two-person tsunami survival capsule are scheduled to be delivered in September to Toho Mercantile Co., a Tokyo-based international buyer which imports health and medical and related products.