Team Apl, Team Lea, Team Bamboo, Team Sarah members | The Voice of the Philippines

“The Voice of the Philippines” premiered June 15 on ABS-CBN. Who among the auditionees were picked by coaches Apl de Ap, Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, and Lea Salonga during the Blind Auditions?

The Voice of the Philippines
The Voice of the Philippines
The coaches have chosen the following singers to become members of their respective teams:

Team Lea:
  • Darryl Shy
  • Chien Berbanda
  • Taw Muhammad
  • Radha Tinsay
  • Mitoy Yonting
  • Juvie Pelos
  • Diday Garcellano
  • Marissa Saroca
  • MJ Podolig
  • Rainier Acosta
  • RJ dela Fuente
  • Japs Mendoza
  • Kim Mainit
Team Bamboo:
  • Deb Victa
  • Isa Fabregas
  • Lee Grane
  • Angelique Alcantara
  • Angelica Prado
  • Nicole Parada
  • Talia Reyes
  • Denise Saguan
  • Myk Perez
  • Willy and Mark Cordovales
  • Paolo Onesa
  • JP Duka
  • Dan Pillo
Team Apl:
  • Thor Dulay
  • Janice Javier
  • Cora dela Cruz
  • Grace and Guji Lorenzana
  • Sir Lord Lumibao
  • Moira dela Torre
  • Cara Manglapus
  • Tristhan Perfecto
  • Lance Fabros
  • Penelope Matanguihan
  • Jessica Corpuz
  • Jessica Reynoso
  • Emman Vera
Team Sarah:
  • Michaellen Temporada
  • Morisette Amon
  • Klarisse de Guzman
  • Junji Aras
  • Eva delos Santos
  • Hans Dimayuga
  • Kat Castro
  • Gab Ramos
  • Yuki Ito
  • Lecelle Trinidad
  • Maki Ricafort
  • Dave Lamar
  • Roxette Swinton
Note: This list will be updated after each Blind Auditions episode.

In the Blind Auditions, the voice is the only determining factor for a coach to push the button and turn their red chair around to signal an intention to recruit an auditionee. In the event that two or more coaches pick a contestant, they will have to convince the auditionee to choose a team.

Each coach will mentor and train 13 team members who will advance to the next round.