Spurs vs Heat Game 7 result, highlights video replay | 2013 NBA Finals, June 20

The San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat do or die Game 7 in the 2013 NBA Finals happens at the American Airlines Arena on Thursday night, June 20.

It was a low-scoring, poor-shooting first quarter. Both teams may have felt the pressure and everything that comes with the game as they had poor offense. There were lots of missed opportunities and turnovers on both sides although they were playing good defense.

Spurs’ backup point guard Manu Ginobili committed his first two fouls and a back court violation in the opening period. First deadlock of the game 15-15 took place under two minutes in the first quarter.

Not a good start for San Antonio and Miami, but the Heat are up by two to finish the period.

1st Quarter Score: Spurs 16 - 18 Heat

Shane Battier opened the second quarter with a three for Miami. But Ray Allen committed turnovers giving San Antonio an opportunity to cut the lead courtesy of Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter who made back-to-back shots.

Miami has become aggressive on the offensive boards. Allen tried a couple shots and missed, but Dwyane Wade kept the ball alive and Chalmers finished the play with a left-handed drive. Wade nailed back-to-back twos while LeBron James was resting.

Tim Duncan successfully evened the score after completing a three-point play. Chris Bosh, who’s been trying very hard to put more defense on him, got his third foul under eight minutes in the second period.

James, who was off to a very rough start offensively in the first quarter, picked up his tempo, fired back-to-back shots including one from the arc, a little over five minutes remaining in the second quarter. Gary Neal on the other end knocked a wild three pointer in as the shot clock was winding down. Mario Chalmers had a soft touch of the ball and retaliated with a two-pointer.

James made his second three-pointer in the game, two minutes remaining. He tried two more and missed, which San Antonio used to make shots down low to take over the lead. Wade sank a two to even the game. San Antonio was ahead by two when James went aggressive on the boards and had a put back after a miss from Wade, who had 14 points in the first half. Miami up by two.

2nd Quarter Score: Spurs 44 - 46 Heat

San Antonio went to Kawhi Leonard while Parker was struggling offensively. He contributed four straight points, but the had a couple turnovers, the last of which LeBron capitalized to make a quick pass to Wade for a cut, leading to a fastbreak dunk.

Danny Green, who’s also been struggling in the previous game, as 0-7 in the three-point area so far tonight. Midway through the 3rd period, he got one in, now 1-8 in the arc. James knocked in a three 4:28 to go, and another one under four minutes in the third.

Boris Diaw made a three, James failed with another long-range try and then Duncan shot for 2 down under off that miss...San Antonio took over the lead. The Spurs had a 7-0 run in the last 5 minutes. Battier tied the game with a three. Ginobili responded. After which Mario Chalmers paved the way for a one-point lead after he fired a buzzer-beating three.

3rd Quarter Score: Spurs 71 - 72 Heat

Battier opened the final quarter with a three off a quick pass from James; five-for-five for Battier. Ginobili committed an offensive foul, his third foul in the game. Miami was aggressive in the offensive boards. Parker fumbled and lost a chance for a shot .5 seconds to go in the shot clock, which lead to a jump ball in Miami’s favor.

Chalmers extended the lead to four with an easy layup. Green tried to respond with a 3 but failed. Wade knocked a two-pointer in after a big “no clear path” call was made by the referees. Ginobili continued to commit unforced turnovers and on the other end James successfully made a jump shot.

It looked like the Spurs were tired. Duncan tried to lift his team and almost completed a three-point play. Wade continued to hit jumpers. Battier made another three from a James pass. On the other end Duncan completed a 3-point play from a counted foul. Three-point game 3 minutes remaining, Heat lead.

Duncan forced a shot and on the other end Battier had a cut for two. Leonard sank one from downtown to cut the lead by two. Leonard tried another shot from the arc after Chalmers missed two crucial freethrows. Tough luck for Duncan who had two golden opportunities to tie the game. Miami called for timeout and coach Erik Spoelstra designed a play for James. James pulled up a jumper and knocked one in for a four-point lead under a minute in the final quarter.

James extended the lead to six after making two freethrows, 23 seconds to go. Ginobili missed a three. Wade added two more from the freethrow line. Miami used time...wins the game! James, who had 37 points and 12 rebounds, was the Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP).

4th Quarter Score: Spurs 88 - 95 Heat (FINAL); Miami wins Game 7 to become the 2013 NBA champions!

A replay video of San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat Game 7 from YouTube has been embedded.