Spurs vs Heat Game 6 result, highlights replay video | 2013 NBA Finals, June 18

The Miami Heat successfully defended their homecourt against the San Antonio Spurs at Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals at the American Airlines Arena on Tuesday.

As expected, it was a tight game in the opening period. Both teams did well offensively and defensively. Although earlier San Antonio was leading by a few points as they were more aggressive on offense, Miami recovered and took the lead at the last minute of the quarter.

1st Quarter Score: San Antonio 25 - 27 Miami Heat

Danny Green opened the second quarter with a three. Dwyane Wade retaliated with a beautiful sidestep layup while LeBron James was resting early on. Mario Chalmers, who had a couple threes in the first quarter, continued to play tremendously for Miami, attacking and drawing a foul from Spurs big man Tiago Splitter.

When Tim Duncan started to get his rhythm going, he took care of the boards and on the other end already added sixteen for the Spurs, with a dunk and jump hook among his moves, just under 7 minutes remaining in the first half.

Interesting period but turnovers were hurting both teams. San Antonio lost the ball via a steal by Chris Andersen and then on the other end Chalmers wasted the opportunity after he was called for a travel violation at under four to go before halftime.

Miami was playing well, but San Antonio tried to stay in the game. Half of the Spurs score came from Duncan. He had eight rebounds as well. The Spurs regained the lead as Duncan attacked the rim for two. Boris Diaw added two with a drive. San Antonio finished the first half with a six-point lead after a 17-4 run.

2nd Quarter Score: San Antonio 50 - 44 Miami Heat

Miami opened the third quarter strong with James, Chalmers and Bosh making easy shots. James stole the ball from Danny Green and then drew a foul from the disappointed Spurs forward as he was trying to put it in from under the basket. James was playing aggressive defense in the third.

Wade pulled up a two-pointer and Mike Miller added a beautiful right hand drive finish to cut the lead to one, under seven minutes to go in the third. However, Duncan tried to stop Miami’s momentum as he took care of the offensive boards, sending Miller to foul trouble after the latter picked up his fourth. Tony Parker extended the lead again after completing a three-point play off a Heat foul.

James wasn’t able to handle the ball well and a steal by Kawhi Leonard opened a three-point opportunity for the Spurs as he was fouled by Wade on the way to the basket. Wade picked up his fourth personal under six to go in the third. Duncan continued to play aggressive offense while James’ shots were off. Lead widened to a dozen. Miami didn’t give up. Wade and Shane Battier made back-to-back shots to cut the lead to eight. Parker responded with a couple shots and the lead was back to 10 at the end of the third.

3rd Quarter Score: San Antonio 75 - 65 Miami Heat

Chalmers opened the fourth quarter with a three. James’ drive for two paved the way for quick five points for the Heat. Miller, who played without his left shoe, fired from downtown and in just a minute the Spurs’ 10-point lead disappeared.

Splitter tried to keep the lead, but on the other end James made a two-hand slam dunk that awakened the home crowd. James has started to heat up and overpowered Leonard, and also drew a foul from Manu Ginóbili. James blocked Duncan and on the other end launched a layup against Duncan to even the game.

James had a fourth quarter eruption as the Heat made a 19-7 run early in the final period, taking over the lead. Parker, on the other hand, struggled with his dribbling and shooting. Lead was stuck at 3 under three minutes to go in the second half.

Ginobili finally ended the Spurs scoring drought, scored 2 to cut the lead to one. Wade was fouled and got 2 for 2 at the freethrow line. Lead back at three 1:47 to go. San Antonio regained the lead after Parker made back to back buckets including one from the arc.

James committed a couple of errors. Spurs lead by five 28.2 seconds to go in the fourth. James missed his first try from downtown, but had a second shot opportunity for a three, cutting the lead to just 2. Bosh took an offensive rebound and a pass to Ray Allen for a three, sending the game to overtime.

4th Quarter Score: San Antonio 95 - 95 Miami Heat

San Antonio started strong, up by three early in overtime. Allen shot a two. The Heat played excellent defense and regained the lead after James added two more from a Wade assist. Parker took an awkward shot from downtown and after a while got deflected by Allen.

Chris Bosh blocked Parker. Wade missed a perimeter shot. Allen was fouled and made 2 for 2 at the freethrow line, 1.9 seconds to go in OT. Green’s 3-point attempt was blocked by Bosh. Miami won, 103-100 in overtime to force a Game 7.

Overtime: San Antonio 100 - 103 Miami Heat (FINAL)