Sarah Lahbati pregnant with Richard Gutierrez' baby? | Instagram photo goes viral

Rumors that Sarah Lahbati is pregnant with Richard Gutierrez’ baby have been circulating in social networking sites this week. So far, no one has confirmed the speculations.

Sarah Lahbati Instagram
Sarah Lahbati (Instagram)
However, the former Kapuso actress recently shared a picture on Instagram which shows her pretending to play the piano. The photo immediately went viral after fans and bashers engaged in a heated debate about Sarah’s alleged pregnancy.

Nobody can tell if Sarah is pregnant or not because her tummy was apparently covered with a bag and she was not facing the camera when the photo was taken, but the loose dress sparked suspicion that she was concealing her supposed baby bump.

Sarah, who fled to Switzerland in January due to a disagreement with GMA-7, is still mum about her alleged pregnancy. Because she can’t be reached for comment, local media interviewed her boyfriend’s sister, Ruffa Gutierrez, instead.

Ruffa reportedly declined to confirm that Richard and Sarah are expecting a baby.

“I can’t comment on that because I haven’t seen the alleged new addition to the family,” Ruffa was quoted as saying in an ABS-CBN News report. “Feeling ko hindi totoo ‘yung tsismis because feeling ko naman they would tell me just in case na totoo.”

The actress said the couple would surely admit to her if the issue turned out to be true. She also urged everyone not to preempt them.

“Hindi naman pwede itago ang isang sikreto. If ever there is a child, I’m very happy and we should consider it a blessing if there is one. Huwag naman natin sila unahan,” she reportedly said.