Ohio air show crash kills pilot, wing walker

An Ohio air show crash on Saturday took the lives of the pilot and the wing walker who performed a supposedly death-defying stunt no one has ever done before.

According to an Associated Press report at Fox News, the names of the victims were not immediately released but in the following video from WHIO-TV, which shows the flight and actual crash, the announcer identified the stunt performer as Jane Wicker.

“Watch this. Jane Wicker sitting on top of the world!” he said before the plane crashed to the ground and engulfed in flames after it exploded.

The plane was apparently flying at the speed of 110 miles per hour when it turned upside-down while Wicker was about to stand on top of the left wing.

Witnesses were shocked and spectators were heard screaming when the horrifying incident took place.

The air show, held at the Dayton International Airport, was canceled for the rest of the day, the AP report said. No other persons were injured.

Wicker was reportedly trying to execute a wing-walking exhibition that was illustrated in a 1990 circus classified ad when the Ohio air show crash happened.