Matteo Guidicelli reacts to Instagram basher's allegations that he's bisexual, has broken up with Jessy Mendiola by phone

Matteo Guidicelli has reacted to a basher’s accusations that he is bisexual and has broken up with Jessy Mendiola by phone. The Kapamilya actor got irritated with the critic’s allegations on Instagram.

“@seirralabeuf nkpag break si mat kay jessy sa phone my lalaki bng gnun,” Instagram user jvthelover23 posted.

“To seirralabeuf,Pgkatapos ng show na Paraiso eh nkpg break si mat via call in phone... Wlang masama sa pagiging bisexual...anjan na yan. Taz post nya khpon na pumilantik ang daliri my gnun ??? Haha,” the commenter continued.

“Yung mga macho ngaun ay karamihan nkkpags3x sa lalaki rin... Malapit na ata magunaw ang mundo...Aabangan ko ang mga maglaladlad na biki,” he added.

These posts seem to have irked Matteo as the actor replied with a message asking for the basher’s number and challenging him to meet up to find out who has a problem.

“@jvthelover23 what’s ur number? Lets meet up.. lets see Kung sino may problema,” the “Paraiso” star posted on the popular photo-sharing site.

Basher vs Matteo Guidicelli Instagram
Basher vs Matteo Guidicelli (Instagram; Screenshot captured by Fashion Pulis)
The Kapamilya actor or his handlers have not issued an official statement regarding the issue.

Do you believe the basher’s allegations that Matteo Guidicelli is bisexual and did breakup with Jessy Mendiola over the phone?