Katherine Ryan 'racist' joke slammed | Video of Canadian comedian mocking Filipino children goes viral

Katherine Ryan, a stand-up comedian from Canada, has been slammed online for her “racist” joke about Filipino children. Watch the video here.

Ryan earned the ire of Filipino netizens for her anti-Filipino remark on BBC’s “Mock the Week” game show.

“We don’t use any of our products on animals. We use Filipino children,” she said in the segment “unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial.”

Filipinos online didn’t find the joke funny saying it was “done in poor taste” and noting that a sound of boos can be heard in the background, which apparently proves that even the studio audience was dismayed.

Ryan’s joke was instantly labeled as “racist” and “insulting.” Some netizens said she and BBC must apologize for what happened.

In response to criticisms, the comedienne tweeted that “It was UNLIKELY lines from a cosmetics commercial. *UN-LIKELY*. You’d be very unlikely to hear that. Because it would never happen.”

Ryan said the clip of her joke on YouTube is “out of context without understanding the full nature and tone of the program” arguing that she “was criticizing the EXPLOITATION of children” when she delivered her punchline. “The joke is never, ever ON children.”

“Mock the Week,” sources say, is a comedy program that combines a panel show, stand-up and improvised games with participants who take satirical swipes at global news and events.