James Yap girlfriend: Basketball star's Instagram photo with blonde goes viral

Is the blonde beauty on James Yap’s viral photo on Instagram his girlfriend? Many believe she’s the basketball star’s rumored Italian GF.

James captioned the photo with “#italy #niceview.” The picture, which was uploaded on Wednesday, shows a pretty woman standing beside him on a ledge of what appears to be a view deck.

James Yap girlfriend instagram photo
Instagram photo of James Yap with alleged girlfriend
The photo is getting thousands of likes over the past days and has become one of the hottest local topics online. It has left netizens guessing about the name of James Yap’s alleged girfriend.

There’s a controversy attached to it though. Critics slammed the 31-year-old cager apparently for flying to Europe for a vacation instead of spending Father’s Day with his son Bimby.

His ex-wife, Kris Aquino, reportedly said she texted James’ legal counsel earlier that day to allow the father and son to celebrate the occasion together, but received a late reply. The TV host added that James’ lawyer apologized for not being able to contact the basketball player by phone.

The so-called James Yap girlfriend Instagram viral photo continues to draw curiousity and controversy as well.