Dog Buries Puppy In Touching Viral Video

“Dog buries puppy” immediately became a trend on Yahoo! Search after a sad but fascinating video of a canine burying a dead child of his own species went viral online.

Due to scarcity of details, reporters from various news organizations assume that the dog was wandering somewhere in Iraq when it saw the lifeless body of the puppy. It then used its snout to rake the sand to cover the animal corpse.

While Mail Online described what the dog displayed as a “heart-rending act of animal kindness,” netizens who watched the video have contradicting remarks.

YouTube user “pitomba125” commented: “I find the fact that this video is going viral hilarious, because the reason the dog is burying its puppy is for the same reason dogs bury their s**t; to prevent the smell from attracting other animals.”

Maddy Estrada, on the other hand, looked at it on a positive way. The viewer posted Monday: “That’s AMAZING. what I thought was weird is that he didn’t use his paws. So adorable.”

It’s very rare that we see a dog buries a dead puppy. Usually, it’s people who bury or throw bodies of dead animals in rivers, garbage pits or in remote places.