Chicser & Petra Dating Game viral video trends on Twitter

Minutes after it was uploaded, the “Chicser & Petra Dating Game” YouTube video immediately went viral online. It also occupied the number 1 spot on Twitter’s trending box Monday night.

It’s the second video of the sing-and-dance boy group and the internet sensation-turned actress together. Their collaboration started when SM Accessories produced their cover music video of Psy’s second hit single “Gentleman.”

In the new 7-minute video, Petra Mahalimuyak holds a contest to find her perfect match. Each Chicser member tries to win her with affectionate and romantic love lines and a talent.

Who among Ullyses Webb Basa, Biboy Cabingon, brothers Oliver and Owy Posadas, Clarence Villafuerte, and Ranz Kyle Ongsee will Petra choose?

Watch this: