Carl Balita Facebook Riddle: Results out July 2-3

The results of the recent Nurses Licensure Exam (NLE) will be released between June 28 and July 7...if our analysis of Carl Balita’s Facebook riddle is correct.

The radio anchor, businessman, and review center owner is known for providing clues about NLE results releases. Last year, he hinted that results of the June 30-July 1 exam would be available on August 23. Indeed it happened.

Earlier today, June 20, Balita posted the following riddle on his Facebook page.


The soonest day shall be between: when the two numbers of the date in the last week of the current month sums up to the first double-digit number in the numerical series, until when the numerical value of the incoming month and the day become one and the same....between those two dates shall be when the DREAM and the DREAMER become ONE.”

We analyzed the riddle and came up with June 28 (2+8=10) and July 7 (7/7). Releasing of NLE results might happen anytime between July 2 and 3.

We might be wrong, but we could also be correct. One thing’s sure, judgment day for nursing hopefuls is coming.