Vice Ganda gets emotional | 'Showtime' host suffers depression, misses family

Vice Ganda turned emotional on “It’s Showtime” on Tuesday, May 28, and admitted that he went ‘AWOL’ on the show after suffering depression of sort.

Vice Ganda on 'It's Showtime'
Vice Ganda on 'It's Showtime'
The actor-television host is back on the noontime variety show after going absent without leave for several days.

Vice Ganda apologized to network management, production staff, co-hosts, and fans for not appearing on the show after his highly-successful and record-breaking “I-Vice Ganda Mo ‘Ko sa Araneta” concert held recently.

In an emotional and heartwarming speech, Vice said he visited his family because he was lonely and was missing them so much, particularly his grandfather.

The Kapamilya performer shared that he couldn’t sleep for a few nights, crying, feeling down and weary, until he went home and spent time with his loved ones.

Vice Ganda said he realized that success and contentment are not measured by popularity and becoming very busy with a career that yields high returns, but on making his beloved family happy.

Indeed, home is where the heart is.