Pit bull saves woman from fire

A pit bull saves woman from fire in her New York home on Friday is news that leads to conclusion that the dog is indeed “man’s best friend.”

NBC News tells a story about Jackie Bonasera and her pit bull that barked so loud so she can be alerted of the blaze in the garage.

Bonasera just came from the bathroom when she heard the dog barking. She reportedly rushed downstairs and found out that flames started to spread from the front to the back of the house.

Thanks to her dog whose name is Cain, the woman was able to escape from raging inferno.

“I ran out of the house and my neighbors came running over, and then I thought about the dog—I’m like ‘He saved my life, I have to save his’,” Bonasera recounted, the report said. “So I just put my robe over my face and I ran back in and I grabbed the dog and then I stood out here and I watched my house burn.”


Her daughter, Alexus Stallworth, was able to capture the fire on a cellphone video. She reportedly called Cain a “hero.”

More than seventy firefighters came to put out the fire, the cause of which was not disclosed pending investigation.

News on “pit bull saves woman from fire” immediately made the headlines after the incident.