Peeping Toms Fall Through Ceiling of Ladies Bathroom

Two peeping Toms fall through the ceiling as they tried to spy on women inside the ladies bathroom of Venture Value Cinema in Duluth, Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, police identified the suspects as Eduard Petrovich Kovynev, 26, and Eduard Alexander Kovynev, 27. Both were charged with peeping Tom and damage to property.

The manager of the movie house alleged that the Kovynevs entered the men’s restroom, crawled over to the women’s, “and then fell through, landing directly inside the stalls.”

An officer wrote that the suspects were “invading the privacy of various customers,” states the arrest warrant, according to the report.

They have not granted a media interview so far.

The purported peeping Toms who fall through the ceiling of the ladies bathroom bonded out of jail.