Miami Heat wins Game 3 vs Indiana Pacers | May 26, 2013 NBA East Finals highlights replay video

Miami Heat wins Game 3 of the 2013 NBA East Finals against the Indiana Pacers 114-96 over the weekend. This page is where you’ll find the highlights video of the game on Sunday, May 26.

At first it was a close game with the Heat taking the lead since the first quarter until the end of the first half and never allowed the Pacers to capitalized on homecourt advantage.

Fans of the hometeam were silenced as the Heat were breaking away with a wide lead in the second half.

Indiana was 6 wins and 0 loss at home during the playoffs until Sunday night.

Game 3 was high-scoring, but lots of basketball enthusiasts found it boring. It seems the Pacers already held their hands up, did not come out aggressive and fight back as hard as they can, and just allowed Miami to dominate.

With the victory, the Heat now leads the 2013 East Finals series 2-1.

Game 4 will take place still in Indiana.