Maya, Ser Chief celebrate 'weeksary' | Be Careful With My Heart video

Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ser Chief (Richard Yap) of the phenomenal noontime romantic television series “Be Careful With My Heart” will be celebrating their ‘weeksary’ today.

Ser Chief and Maya on 'Be Careful With My Heart'
Ser Chief and Maya on 'Be Careful With My Heart'
The most popular, loved and admired loveteam officially entered into a relationship last week, months after they met and actually started dating.

Maya dela Rosa, the idealistic probinsyana who’s now a flight attendant, and her boyfriend whom she calls Ser Chief and now “Chico,” are anticipated to spend their special day together for their ‘weeksary’, an occasion that’s expected to become a trending topic nationwide on Twitter.

It’s exciting to know if Ser Chief has something surprising in store for his girlfriend in today’s episode. Do you think it will be a special gift or a tender-loving kiss on the lips? Fans will be able to find out later.

Be Careful With My Heart,” the first Philippine teleserye to be filmed and aired in high definition (HD), has established a strong following among viewers of all ages.

ABS-CBN broadcasts the series before the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime.”