Marjorie Barretto's lawyer is everywhere

Marjorie Barretto’s legal counsel, Lorna Kapunan, is all over the internet, trying to contact and warn bloggers, website owners, and netizens to remove her client’s scandal photo.

Marjorie Barretto Lorna Kapunan
Marjorie Barretto (left); Atty. Lorna Kapunan (right)
Here’s her letter to us:

Atty. Lorna Patajo Kapunan
Subject: Your Criminal Act of Violating RA 995

Message: Dear Cool Buster:

We write on behalf of our client, Ms. Marjorie Barretto.

We noted that you have created a video, which contains the very private photos of our client, and maliciously uploaded and disseminated it on YOUTUBE with URL:

Please note that your act of creating the video, which contains the said photos and uploading the same on YOUTUBE is a clear violation of our client's Constitutional right to privacy and a blatant defiance of Republic Act No. 9995 also known as the "Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009." Be informed that RA 9995 clearly and categorically punishes the act of publishing or broadcasting, or causing to be published or broadcasted, whether in print or broadcast media or through the internet, the photo of a person showing her private areas. To emphasize, the subject photos were intended not to be made public and your dissemination of this photos was without our client's consent.

The matter of the dissemination and uploading of the afore-mentioned photos is already the subject of an investigation by the National Bureau of Investigation. We are taking all legal steps to ensure that the right to privacy of our client is respected. We will pursue all the appropriate legal actions necessary to ensure that those principally responsible for this criminal action are punished.

In view of the foregoing, we ask that the video you uploaded on YOUTUBE be immediately taken down and removed. Otherwise, we will also be constrained to file the necessary actions against you.

We thank you in advance for your immediate attention on this matter.

Very truly yours,



8466247 to 51

We have removed the subject video on YouTube, as requested, and would like to apologize for attaching in our news article a decently and cautiously cropped version of the scandalous photos, which we and everyone else found on and obtained from the public domain and image search engines.

YouTube video removed
YouTube video removed
It is now a challenge for Marjorie Barretto’s lawyer and the authorities to UNMASK THE REAL CULPRIT. Will they be able to do it or just let the issue die? What do you think?