Man wearing 'Jail sucks' T-shirt arrested

A man wearing a “Jail sucks” T-shirt has been arrested, but the clothing print wasn’t really the reason why Don Castner was locked up.

Don Castner wearing Jail sucks T-shirt arrested
Don Castner, man wearing 'Jail sucks' T-shirt, arrested
The 39-year-old was just one of the Florida residents who were arrested Wednesday on felony welfare fraud charges, reports The Smoking Gun.

The arrests made on Castner as well as forty others was part of “Operation Meal Ticket,” an undercover probe being undertaken by Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Castner is accused of selling Electronic Benefits Transfer cards to undercover agents. Manatee Sheriff Brad Steube told media that some suspects were using the proceeds of the illegal EBT card sales to purchase drugs and alcohol.

Castner, who is locked up in lieu of $5,000 bond, was forced to replace his ironic shirt with a blue upper garment and posed for the mugshot after he got booked.

The report said the man wearing 'Jail sucks' T-shirt was arrested and imprisoned in the past for several reasons including burglary, battery, drug possession, contempt of court, assault on a law enforcement officer, and domestic battery by strangulation.

Meanwhile, an article on Yahoo! News says WBTV reported that the sheriff’s office used $9,000 in recovered food stamp money to buy baby formula for the Manatee County food bank.

Some netizens are now questioning whether or not the move was legal while others think it was “misappropriation of funds.”