Lim accepts loss, acknowledges Erap as winner

Former Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim has accepted his loss and acknowledged his rival, ex-President Erap Estrada, as the winner in the local elections.

lim erap
Lim and Erap (Unedited photo from Yahoo! News)
“Yesterday afternoon the Comelec proclaimed the election of Erap and Isko (Moreno),” Lim said in a statement, according to an ABS-CBN News report. “We respect and acknowledge the said proclamation and wish them all the best!”

“We would like to thank our relatives, friends and the Manileños for their support, trust and confidence in us. Thank you and god bless us all,” the outgoing LGU head stated.

Lim garnered 308,544 votes, 35,449 votes short to Erap’s 343,993.

Nothing is permanent in politics. In the next poll, the opponent may become an ally.

It’s a good thing that with a light heart Lim accepted his loss and acknowledged Erap as the winner.