Karinderya Wars scandal: 'Winner' leaks grand finals result

Vivian Pinlac, the alleged grand winner of Karinderya Wars on TV5, has reportedly leaked the result of the reality cooking show through social media.

Karinderya Wars scandal Vivian Pinlac
'Karinderya Wars' contestant Vivian Pinlac (Photo courtesy of TV5)
According to a report published by entertainment site Philippine Entertainment Portal, Pinlac posted on her Facebook accout that she won the competition, claiming “i won my race with the help from GOD!!!!!!hurray for todayyyyyyyy!!!”

After which, Pinlac exchanged words with netizens criticising the verdict of the contest. There was an accusation that Pinlac only won because she has cancer, the report said.

“Mama,survivor po ako ,,pinagaling ng DIOS,,di ko sinabi sa tv5 sakit ko ,if confusing sau ill tell you in private whats happening behind camera,so that you will know the truth ,chef marvin is a good person at fair ang judgement nila,” she posted.

Pinlac, a 48-year-old karinderya warrior from Cavite a.k.a “Gabriela ng Kusina,” also defended the host and producer of the show, Marvin Agustin, against detractors.

“There’s a saying ,you cannot please everybody,,para yang botohan may kanya kanyang manok,isa lang masasabi ko ,,lumaban ako nga patas,even im not healthy enough to compare with other warrior,i dont have money to use upang mandaya ,that happens unnotice to us and staff of chef marvin ,,dba ang mandaraya d nagwawagi ,,?im a christian its a big question ba if i have a very strong GOD?n i have faith that can move mountains,,,,” she added.

Taping of the Karinderya Wars grand finals was held last Thursday, May 16, at the studio of the Kapatid network in Novaliches, with actresses Alice Dixson and Eula Caballero appearing as celebrity judges, the report said.

The grand finale is supposed to be aired next month.

After the scandal, calls for Pinlac’s disqualification —for allegedly preempting the announcement of the Karinderya Wars grand winner and for violating the confidentiality agreement between her and the show’s producers— surfaced online.