'Kaleidoscope World' by FrancisM, Elmo Magalona 2013 remix | Enhanced music video goes viral

FrancisM’s “Kaleidoscope World” has a 2013 remixed version and now includes the master rapper’s son Elmo Magalona. The song’s music video is currently getting lots of attention on YouTube and is going viral online.

In the edited and enhanced music video titled “Kaleidoscope World Forever More,” Elmo’s moving images were inserted to make it appear that he was with his dad when the whole thing was taken. It’s as if there was a father and son collaboration.

Watch this:

The original “Kaleidoscope World” music video was directed by Raymond Red and the new, tribute version was helmed by Jose Ticsay. The revival song was arranged by Top Suzara and IJ Garcia.

“Kaleidoscope World” won the 1996 Awit Award for Best Produced Record of the Year, and the 1996 NU 107 Rock Award for Song of the Year.

FrancisM, also known as the Filipino “King of Rap,” died at the age of 44 on March 6, 2009, seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Elmo was going fifteen years old at the time of his death.