Juli3lmo RedMask Medley becomes Twitter trending topic

Juli3lmo RedMask Medley is a trending topic on Twitter over the weekend. It’s based on a series of short films starring Elmo Magalona and Julie Anne San Jose.

Directed by visual artist Avid Liongoren, the three-part RedMask series was made for GMA-7’s weekend variety show “Party Pilipinas” where JuliElmo regularly performs.

Part 1 of the RedMask series was shown in August 2010.

The second part was titled “Yellow Note,” aired same month.

The last part of the series was presented the following month.

Liongoren’s description of the series reads:

I love the free style nature of shooting this series of short films. I make a living directing TV ads in which each frame gets a minimum of 10 takes & takes at least an hour to set up with a massive crew. Here I simply had a skeleton crew, different cameras rolling & very limited amount of time to work with the talents. We were constantly moving & shooting. I would not even review what we had just shot & just trusted the cinematographer & camera men to get what we needed. It was very collaborative, the talents would even suggest what to do. I would like to work this way more : )

Fans surely love the fairytale-like story of Juli3lmo in RedMask Medley.