'Wowowillie' suspended? MTRCB puts show on probation after dancer's cleavage display

Has “Wowowillie” been suspended by the MTRCB? TV5’s noontime show hosted by Willie Revillame is being placed under a 3-month probation on a “per episode basis.”

The probation was imposed by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board after “Wowowillie” showed “skimpy outfits” of dancers and “excessive flesh exposure” during its April 16 episode.

Dancer Charm’s cleavage went on full display during the “Tutok to Win” segment of the program. The incident immediately sparked online outrage on social networking sites.

Wowowillie dancer cleavage
Wowowillie dancer’s cleavage (Screenshot credit: TV5/Wowowillie)
The MTRCB on its Twitter account said TV5 and “Wowowillie” apologized for the violations, but the board required the show and the network to “submit further reform measures” not later that May 6, 2013.

It also subjected the show to SPG (Strict Parental Guidance) rating instead of the usual PG (Parental Guidance) effective Monday, reports Interaksyon.

Meanwhile, “Wowowillie” business unit head Jay Montelibano told the news provider that production team already made some remedial measures.

“We already took the necessary actions. We altered the dancers costumes and reminded the cameraman to be extra cautious sa shots,” he reportedly said.

Was the “Wowowillie” probation right? Should “Wowowillie” be suspended?