Topless Kate Photos Charges Filed

Charges over the topless Kate Middleton photos have been filed. The head of a French publishing group, a newspaper director and photographer are reportedly under investigation.

TODAY News tells us that media outlets in France reported about the probe being undertaken on the head of Mondadori France, which publishes Closer magazine, as well as general director Marc Auburtin and photographer Valerie Suau of La Provence newspaper, for breach of privacy of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton
In September 2012, Closer published photos of a topless Kate. La Provence, on the other hand, maintains that the newspaper only published pictures of Prince William’s now pregnant wife in a bathing suit, insisting that the photos “are not indecent at all and do not invade [their] privacy.”

The royal couple was spending a vacation in French chateau when the images were snapped.

French authorities are expected to interrogate the persons under investigation and it will be up to the judges to determine whether or not there is probable cause and enough evidence to call a trial. Otherwise the topless Kate photos charges will be dropped, reports said.