Teen Dies Playing Chicken

A teen dies playing chicken when he failed to move off the railroad track while a train was approaching. Austin Price, a 15-year-old San Lorenzo High School student, was with two friends when the tragedy occured.

The teenagers were playing chicken on the track just across the street on Thursday night at 6 when a Sacramento-bound train hit the victim.

Principal Tovi Scruggs told media that many students ignore the fence as well as the warning signs and still continue to walk on the tracks, not minding the danger...that anything fatal could happen.

“It’s an ongoing concern” for the school, Scruggs reportedly said.

Austin’s death was pointless because, as his longtime friend Olympia Pereira puts it, “It was just a game,” reports the Inquistr.

After the tragedy, people “won’t be by the tracks anymore” just to play the popular but deadly game, said another friend of Austin, 16-year old Tania Montes.

The faculty and at least 1,500 students mourn the teen’s untimely death. The news about Austin dies playing chicken with train stunned members of the family and the community where he lived.