PGT 4 Quarterfinals: April 14, 2013 Results Night

PGT 4 quarterfinals week two results night happens Sunday, April 14, 2013. Blacklight dance crew Zilent Overload won the public’s vote, garnering 40.05% of votes to enter the next round.

Zilent Overload John Neil Eumee
Zilent Overload (left); John Neil and Eumee (Right)
Singers John Neil Roa and Eumee Lyn Capile competed for the judges’ vote. Unfortunately, John Neil forgot a couple of his song’s lyrics.

Eliminated acts include the flag twirling group SI.CO.GU., sword balancer and belly dancer Sundee Viñas, and the acrobatics trio EYX Point.

The judges unanimously picked Eumee for the fourth semis slot.