Miriam 'walking dead': Senator Santiago fears she may have leukemia

Miriam Defensor-Santiago expressed fear she may have leukemia. The lady senator calls herself “the walking dead” as she is facing the possibility of a cancer in the future.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago
In an interview with ABS-CBN News aired Tuesday night on TV Patrol, the outspoken lawmaker revealed her plan to seek medical treatment abroad to address her worsening health condition.

Miriam reportedly said she fears her bone marrow disorder may turn into leukemia, explaining that the spongy tissue inside her bones is not producing enough red blood cells.

“Apparently no one knows how to treat it, and it will probably retrogress into leukemia. That’s why I have no strength. You will notice that I have run out of breath and that I can hardly walk,” Miriam said. “I’m going to be physically imbecilic very soon.”

The feisty senator reportedly said she wants to undergo treatment before the International Criminal Court (ICC) calls her for duty in the Netherlands.

“I’m facing the possibility of cancer in my future, that’s why I take this seriously,” she said, according to the ABS-CBN report. “So I’m now the walking dead, I’m free to bite people.”