Kid Rock ‘embarrassed’ to be a Republican

Kid Rock says he is ‘embarrassed’ to Be a Republican. The rapper turned rock musician, who made waves when he supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, is complaining about the party’s current agenda.

Kid Rock Mitt Romney
Kid Rock shakes hands with Republican presidential bet Mitt Romney in 2012
The rocker criticized the Republicans for supporting legislative measures to raise concert ticket prices, reports TV Guide via Yahoo! TV.

“That’s one of the times I’m f---ing embarrassed to be a Republican,” Rock reportedly told the Rolling Stone magazine. “It’s f---ing Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumba--es. They already did it in New York and they’re trying to do it in Michigan. I’ve even called some of those guys to try and stop it.”

The five time Grammy Award nominee is also pissed with the West Hollywood-based ticket sales and distribution company Ticketmaster for imposing a service charge.

“They’re taking a f---ing $5 service charge,” said Rock, who reportedly noted that he’s more of a Libertarian than a Republican now.