John Lloyd Cruz, Denise Oca 'blind item' makes waves online

An apparent blind item about John Lloyd Cruz and Denise Oca, the alleged third-party to his love affair with Angelica Panganiban, is making waves online.

Living the Cool Life,” an April 25 blog post on entertainment site FashionPULIS, has drawn interest and curiosity among internet users for featuring two blurred photos and reporting the issues surrounding the main personality involved.

The characters’ names were hidden and known only as SO (someone), VP (very popular actor), and YF (young feisty actress).

SO, the blog’s sources purportedly claimed, is a “daughter of a character actress,” while VP “is not single and is committed” to YF.

Here’s the catch: SO is “posting random pictures of herself with [VP],” wrote FashionPULIS, and then asked: “Is she a special girl in the life of VP?”

Note that VP has a girlfriend, YF.

If rephrased, the question would possibly be: “Is SO a third-party in the relationship of VP and YF?”

Nobody knows the answer except the one who will blow the whistle.

Blind item photo FashionPULIS
Blind item photo (Screenshot: FashionPULIS)
The blog author was obviously cautious in revealing the character’s identities, but some smart brains provided clues and hints. Here are some of the comments:
  1. Anonymous: “Girl is a D. Super liberated na party girl. She was once linked to the famous sportsplayer na bf now ng famous actress A.”
  2. Anonymous: “Nahanap ko na yung girl, ex ng dating player na may current gf na actress. Yun na. Her name starts with D.”
  3. Anonymous: “isa syang events planner, na dinenay na GF nung starplayer, na current BF ng popular sexy actress A. anak sya ng character actress M.”
  4. Anonymous: “kilala ko na si girl, doing some research at nahulaan ko din... kanamesung nya yung bida sa paraiso at ex nya sya ng jowa ng kanamesung ni YF (gf ni ingat).”
  5. Anonymous: “YF edi yung isa sa host ng Saging na palabas..hehehe!”
The commenters are probably talking about Denise Oca, a PR and events manager and daughter of film and TV actress Melissa Mendez who is the cousin of actor Dennis Roldan and actress Isabel Rivas.

Denise was rumored to be the ex-girlfriend of Azkals star player Phil Younghusband, who has reportedly denied the relationship.

Denise has the same first name as “Paraiso” star Denise Laurel.

Anonymous number four added that Denise is the “ex” of the boyfriend of Angel Locsin who has the same first name as Angel(ica) Panganiban, John Lloyd’s girlfriend.

“Ingat (take care),” meanwhile, is the actor’s thoughtful word at the end of his Biogesic ad. His girlfriend, Angelica, is one of the hosts of ABS-CBN’s long running comedy gag show “Banana Split.”

Denise and Lloydie do hang out together (with friends) as seen in this photo.

Denise Oca and John Lloyd Cruz
Denise Oca and John Lloyd Cruz
Also, anyone who’s showbiz-oriented can make a forthright assumption that the Kapamilya actor is the one who’s in the first photo on FashionPULIS. An ‘unblurred’ version of the second photo can be viewed on Denise’s Instagram account.

After reading these ‘details’, you’re no longer clueless about the apparent blind item on John Lloyd Cruz and Denise Oca, are you?