Jodi Sta. Maria sexy, yummy as ice cream in Breakfast magazine cover

Jodi Sta. Maria is the cover girl of Breakfast magazine’s April-May 2013 issue. Known as Maya in the hit series “Be Careful With My Heart,” the actress posed sexy for the photoshoot.

“Still have the Sir Chief hangover from our December-January 2012 issue? GOOD! Because we want the love to last! Introducing our April-May 2013 issue featuring Jodi Sta.Maria aka Maya!” a status message on the food mag’s Twitter account reads.

Jodi Sta Maria Breakfast
Jodi Sta. Maria for Breakfast mag
Jodi’s photos, which went through professional photographer Shaira Luna’s lenses, were shot on location at BULB Studios and Rue Bourbon, according to sources.

Do you find Jodi sexy? What can you say about her cover photo for Breakfast? Do you like it?