Jenna Jameson arrested on battery charges

Jenna Jameson was arrested for battery allegation. Reports said the ex-porn star was temporarily detained after she allegedly attacked a person at Newport Beach.

The Los Angeles Times reports that according to authorities, the 38-year-old was put under citizen’s arrest until police arrived around 7:50 Saturday night.

The former porn actress was released on her own recognizance and given a date for a court hearing on the misdemeanor battery charge, Newport Beach police Lt. Evan Sailor reportedly said.

Jameson turned to Twitter to explain her side. In a status message, she claimed that a friend, who allegedly accused Jameson of gusting her, broke into her house and robbed her.

It was the second time that Jameson was arrested in less than a year. Last year in May, she was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol after hitting a light pole in Westminster. In August, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years informal probation, the report stated.