Hockey player Karl Berry dies of snake bite

Karl Berry, an Australian hockey player, dies of snake bite. The 26-year-old captain of the Commerce-Pints team got bitten Tuesday and died the following day.

Karl Berry dies of snake bite
King brown snake bite led to Karl Berry's death
The Washington Post Sports reports that according to a local paper, Berry was cleaning up at Marrara Hockey Centre when he picked up a snake and didn’t notice he had been bitten on the finger.

Probably thinking it wasn’t venomous, Berry just threw the python into the bushes and continued his chore. He reportedly went on a 1.2-mile training run and collapsed later.

The Darwin field hockey player was conscious when paramedics arrived, but he had not mentioned the snake bite until about fifteen minutes.

Although the king brown snake is not the most poisonous snake, the report said it was believed that the run pumped the venom in his blood vessels faster, leading to the death of Karl Berry.