Video of 'drunk' consul general Jose Ampeso goes viral

A video of a supposedly drunk Consul General Jose Ampeso of the Philippine Consulate in Vancouver, Canada, has gone viral online.

The overseas workers group Migrante in a statement said Edmonton-based OFW Proceso Flordeliz Jr. complained that Ampeso was drunk while doing his official functions, reports ABS-CBN News.

Ampeso allegedly rudely asked for a donation and threatened to disregard the complainant’s passport renewal.

The viral video, posted by YouTube user “greatauror28” on April 19, does not indicate the date and place of the incident, the report said. The uploader described ConGen Ampeso as “rude, arrogant, drunk.”

Accordingly, Ampeso also became a subject of a 1996 sexual harassment complaint by Luli Arroyo, daughter of then Senator Gloria Arroyo, which was dismissed.

A report on Philippine Daily Inquirer tells us that Ampeso apologized for his behavior, but said he was “tired” and “unjustly provoked.”

In a statement, Ampeso claimed the video is incomplete and “does not tell the whole story.” He reportedly said Flordeliz “insulted me and poked fun at being requested to make a donation to the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC).”

Flordeliz, meanwhile, reportedly wrote an account of his encounter with the consul general in a Filipino online forum. Ampeso, he said, became angry when he offered to donate one dollar to the fund-raiser.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has reportedly ordered Ampeso to return to the country to explain his behavior. He is expected to arrive Monday.

Consul General Jose Ampeso’s slurring is said to be noticeable in the viral video. Was he really drunk on his job?