Dennis Rodman fired from Celebrity Apprentice

Dennis Rodman was fired from Celebrity Apprentice after he spelled Donald Trump’s wife Melania’s name incorrectly.

The former NBA star and his team, composed of Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick, Trace Adkins, and rapper Lil Jon, were tasked to create an advertising campaign for Melania’s caviar skincare products.

Rodman’s team came up with the slogan “Simply Melania...Simply Luxury,” which was brilliant, thanks to the effort of Adkins. However, they made a critical mistake on one piece of their project - misspelling Melania’s name.

Melania spelt wrong (Celebrity Apprentice/NBC)
The brunette model was stunned that her name had been erroneously spelt.

“I cannot believe they spelled my name wrong, it is all over the place and none of them even realized,” Melania Trump said.

The rival team, comprised of Penn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin, Gary Busey, Marilu Henner and Lisa Rinna, spotted the error and told Donald Trump about it. After which the billionaire said: “Dennis there is a problem, her name was spelt incorrectly. That is a problem. That is not good. That is a bad one...Dennis the fact is you spelt her name wrong, so Dennis you lost.”

Rodman argued, saying: “People do make mistakes, everyone does, that was a minor mistake that can easily be corrected.” Trump replied: “Well it is a minor mistake, but it is the ultimate mistake.”

Rodman’s death warrant was eventually signed.