Deadliest Catch star Elliott Neese missing?

Is Elliott Neese, star of the reality television series “Deadliest Catch,” really missing? No, he just wasn’t included in the preview that the Discovery Channel released for its 9th season premiere.

While people behind the controversial teaser video have not given any explanation about Neese’s exclusion, netizens earlier speculated that the youngest captain will not be returning for the show’s new season which is set to start April 16th.

What’s interesting is that Neese is no longer the captain of Ramblin Rose. Instead, the reality TV star will be in command of his own newly-purchased boat, the F/N Saga.

“I bought my own boat to prove stupid people like you wrong,” said Neese in a Twitter status message in response to a critic’s tweet.

According to reports, the Discovery Channel said “the stakes have never been higher” for Neese, who gets just 10 bucks in his pocket versus a million dollar debt in the upcoming season.

The “Deadliest Catch” star isn’t literally missing, after all, and expectations for the captain to add more spice to the real life events that will be encountered by him and his crew aboard a new fishing vessel are high.