Boston bombing 'Suspect No. 2' spotted on Facebook photo

The so-called “Suspect No. 2” in the deadly Boston bombing that killed 3 people and injured 170 others has been spotted on a photo posted on Facebook.

Boston bombing Suspect No. 2 post blast
Boston bombing Suspect No. 2 (left) seen in post-blast photo taken by David Green
The iPhone photo was taken by David Green, a 49-year-old runner from Jacksonville, Florida who participated in the annual event.

According to The Lookout on Yahoo! News, one of Green’s friends on the social networking site suggested that he take a closer look after the man wearing a white baseball hat backwards was seen on the picture.

Compared to the photos and videos released by the FBI earlier, the new photo shows that the unidentified suspect was no longer carrying the back pack he was seen with before the blast.

Here’s the photo shared by Green (zoomed in, cropped) followed by the one which the FBI released:

Boston bombing Suspect No. 2 cropped
Boston bombing Suspect No. 2 (cropped); Photo by David Green
Boston bombing suspects fbi photo
Boston bombing suspects (