Ternate Mayor Lamberto Bambao "Malaswang Palaro" scandal video goes viral

The latest video scandal involves Mayor Lamberto Bambao of Ternate, Cavite, who may face charges for holding a contest for minors who were allegedly asked to display and “play” with their private parts in public.

News organizations got a copy of the viral video which shows the mayor emceeing the contest and poking fun at participants of the game, described in reports as “malaswang palaro,” apparently asking two boys to pee to win a prize.

Reports on news programs “TV Patrol” and “Bandila” as well as “State of the Nation” on Thursday said many people including female children and adults were able to witness the incident, but were hesitant to file a complaint against the mayor.

Employees at the municipal hall, however, say the timing of the release of the video is questionnable considering that local election is approaching. Some believe it could be “politically motivated.”