State trooper Mark Miscavish, wife killed

Mark Miscavish, a former state trooper, allegedly killed his wife then self Thursday. Police said he fired a shotgun to his estranged spouse in a supermarket in Pennsylvania, killing her before turning the weapon on himself.

Fox News reports that according to initial investigation, the 51-year-old retired police officer killed his former wife Tracie around 10 a.m. in her workplace at the County Market in Philipsburg.

Authorities believe that the motive behind the crime may have been personal grudge. The 49-year-old victim reportedly filed for divorce earlier this week after she accused him of beating her more than two months ago.

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller told the news provider that the gunman was arrested January 23 after he wrestled Tracie to the ground, pinned her arms behind her and attempted to bind her with duct tape.

Prior to the first incident, Tracie was reportedly trying to take some prescription drugs away from her husband because she believed he was abusing it.

Miller added that Mark was charged with simple assault, terroristic threats and harassment and was bailed out after a week in jail.

The camp of the ex-state trooper, who retired after 15 years in service, has not released a statement regarding the matter.