Why Starmometer is no longer the No.1 Philippine blog

Why is Starmometer no longer the number one blog in the Philippines? Based on observation, there are two obvious reasons why the leading entertainment site dropped in the rankings.

First, too much ads.

Screenshot of Starmometer.com
Screenshot of Starmometer.com
Excessive display of advertisements drive away visitors. Too many ads compromise the site’s speed. The tendency is that the website becomes slow-loading and the bounce rate—the percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave the site rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site—increases.

A high bounce rate means visitors, particularly those coming from search engines (organic traffic), get discouraged to browse other webpages of the site other than its landing page. Also, visitors get redirected to other websites once they click the ads.

Second, it apparently relies on press releases from broadcast networks.

Many of Starmo’s articles are authored by ABS-CBN and TV5. Press releases are published for the purpose of making announcements, promoting a show, or circulating something newsworthy. Most of the time, PRs are one-sided, favorable to their artists or shows, and lack presentation of the other side of the story, specially if there are controversial issues.

The disadvantage of posting too many press releases is that the authority and credibility of the site weakens because it creates an impression that the blog owner has deficient writing skills or is simply lazy to write.

PRs, which are distributed massively for wider coverage or exposure, are mostly flagged as duplicate content which search engine Google doesn’t like. As a result, the site would suffer low ranking in search engine results pages (SERP), thus affecting traffic.

Starmometer used to occupy the top spot on Top Blogs Philippines (www.topblogs.com.ph/dir), an online directory/compilation of Filipino blogs around the world. It used to compete with Yugatech.com, the leading technology and gadget review site in the country owned by blogging icon Abe Olandres who removed the site link following a hacker attack that occured late last year.

Today, Starmometer dropped to number 3 in the overall ranking and number 2 in the entertainment category.

Screenshot of Top Blogs Philippines
Screenshot of Top Blogs Philippines

The sites that have beaten Starmo in the rankings—FlipBooth “The Pinoy Youtube” and PCSO Lotto Results—have fewer ads and post no press releases.

Bloggers and site owners must remember that less is more. Make it part of your website design, traffic generation, and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.