Sinkhole swallows pond in California

Sinkhole swallows pond became a trending news after a pond-swallowing doline was discovered inside the property of Mark Korb in Newcastle, California.

The Christian Science Monitor gives us some details of the possible causes of the incident, among which is that the pond was man-made.

“Changes in drainage due to construction or agricultural irrigation have been known to activate mass outbreaks of sinkholes,” the report says, like in the recent case of a Florida man who was swallowed in his bed by a sinkhole. Florida is known for having frequent sinkhole collapses.

Sinkholes may capture surface drainage from running or standing water, a Wikipedia article explains. When the lime stone in Florida mixes with water, it becomes weak and is filled with air which may cause it to become fragile and collapsible. Once collapsed, it will affect the rock on top and let gravity take over.

The US Geological Society also has a clear explanation, as follows:

“Sinkholes can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed. Some sinkholes form when the land surface is changed, such as when industrial and runoff-storage ponds are created. The substantial weight of the new material can trigger an underground collapse of supporting material, thus causing a sinkhole,” the geosociety reportedly said.

Mining is another possible reason why sinkholes occur.

Geology Alex Amigo, a Sierra College professor, told KCRA-TV: “There was such a lot of mining activity going on in this area in the past that we almost never know when there was a man-made cavity underground.”