Savannah Guthrie flips off Matt Lauer live on 'Today' (Video)

Savannah Guthrie apparently flipped off Matt Lauer live on the “Today” show Friday morning. TMZ reports that Guthrie appeared to have flashed a middle finger for her co-host after he cracked a joke on her.

“By the way this is the first time Savannah ever used a vacuum” was Lauer’s words while doing a segment on vacuum cleaners, which seem to have irked the lady anchor.

Viewers immediately turned to the internet to express their thoughts about the act done by Guthrie who, for her part, posted a Twitter status message denying that she gave her co-host the bird.

Guthrie insists she was pointing her index finger.

Industry observers reportedly reviewed the tape and afterwards tweeted that Guthrie threw a dirty finger on air.

However, Guthrie disproved it all by posting a screen grab on Twitter.